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Saturday, June 22, 2013

1001 Way to Promoting Your Web / Blog

Confused to promote or introduce your website / blog? Or not yet found the right way how to promote it?Try some tips "1001" (meaning figuratively) below to help you promote your website / blog:
1. Register your website / blog to Technorati
2. Submit to search engines like Google, Yahoo, MSN, etc!
3. Ping, ping use this website to help you:- Pingomatic- Pingqueu- Feedburner- Bloglines- Blogsearch Google
4. Use the Technorati tag generator to create tags
5. Register your website at Digg
6. Register web / blog to social bookmarking- Reddit- Netscape- StumbleUpon.
7. Create Feeds at Feedburner, etc..
8. Often make comments on the web or other blogs on the web content / blog and do not forget to leave a trace of a web address / blog.
9. Reply comments are submitted every visitor on your website / blog
10. Use link exchange methods (link exchange)
11. Do not post articles to your preferred on the weekends, because some givers stats (like Technorati, etc.) do not update their performance at the weekend.

12. Create a link from your post that are related to your most recent post (related post)
13. Use memetracker to find the hottest topics being discussed at this time. Some memetracker include:- Memeorandum- Techmeme
14. Occasionally do blog reviews about web others, ordinary web owners will be happy and able to give a link to your website that discusses the topic.
15. Create an account community in Mybloglog .. This Mybloglog is like Myspace, but Mybloglog in dedicated for bloggers to share, search for friends etc..
16. Before you post your article, read and edit carefully not to get the wrong grammar (use spell-check). Also make sure you use the language easy to understand.17. If you know of a good walkthrough, can you share with your visitors, and this is a separate point that you can be.
18. Do not be lazy to update the content of your website, so that visitors do not get bored blog
19. Submit your articles to article websites such as container: Article Dashboard, Goarticles, and their regular ArticleCity allow you put your website link in the article that you submit
20. Review about a product on other websites such as Epinions with this you could be known as a great writer if your nice review.
21. Tell everyone you know about your posts that relate to what they are looking for.
22. Do a copy of the land or in the real world to meet fellow bloggers, usually masing2 city has a community of bloggers.
23. Conduct interviews with other bloggers, bloggers would be happy about this, and publish the results of the interview to your website, you certainly will get a link from the blogger that you interviewed.
24. Join and be active in online discussion forums and other similar
25. Answer these questions if you know the answer to someone who asked, the usual proposed asked on a special website such as Yahoo! Answers
26. Submit to free web directories like DMOZ, BOTW
27. Was occasionally make controversial article
28. Create a page on Wikipedia was on your own.
29. Create a page on Squidoo about you
30. Visit the sites that ask for donations to charity, give a donation as you can, using your website address as your address, your status will be regular link installed as a contributor.
31. Give some space for free advertising on your Website.
32. Make a free blog such as blogspot, and attach the link to the blog that refers to your main website.
33. If you are adept at making blog templates like blogspot, wordpress etc., share your templates free to download and use, enter your website address in the template, so everyone put on your template, your link is installed on all the blog article.
34. If you have more funds try to join in a program like ReviewMe, Pay Per Post, etc. as an advertiser, and let the bloggers work to put up and write about your blog
35. Hold a contest with prizes that bloggers write about your website.
36. Submit to Google webmasters tool and sitemap
37. Register for Online Media paid directories like etc..
How? Already small enough that most of the steps above for sale? If not please supplementary list of things done to optimize the promotion website / blog. Good luck!

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