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Wednesday, November 9, 2011

How to Make Your Brand Products Become Top of Mind in Consumers

In the science of marketing there is the term "top of mind". Top of mind brand products is point number one in the minds of consumers. When people mention the common name of these products, which direct us to remember is the brand. Example, used when calling a motorcycle, top of mind it is a Honda. Now Yamaha is also pretty successful at being top of mind.

Advantages Affiliate Program

• You do not have to bother making the product. Your job is only to deliver the buyer the seller.
• You can choose a variety of affiliate programs that you want. Try to visit There you can find thousands of sites that provide affiliate programs. So, you can have many sources of income.
• The Commission offered the program is usually relatively high. Between 10% -95%.
• You can make the affiliate program as a source of passive income. How so? Yes, because you only need to stay home, no need to go anywhere. And, the money will come alone. The important thing is you still pitch. Or even, you can still do your offline business.

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

How to Choose a Profitable Affiliate Program?

If you have trouble finding Web sites that offer affiliate programs, you can do this way:• Use search engines (search engines). You can use google, yahoo, or other search engines. Then, suppose you want to be a marketer of e-book, looking for just by typing "ebook + affiliate program".• Try to visit the web sites become an affiliate provider. Like,,,,,, etc..