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Saturday, October 4, 2014

7 Mistakes That Harm Your Landing Page

Did you know that:
64% of perpetrators of marketing said that the landing page is the right thing to do tests on the effectiveness of your website
68% of business B2B (business to business) use a landing page to get new business opportunities
48% of businesses to build a new landing page for each ad campaign

Even so, there are some errors on a landing page that will bring harm to your business, namely:
1 Too much information
If there is too much information on your landing page, website visitors would be too lazy to find the info they need and choose to leave your website.
Solution: Enter the details of the information that you need and is relevant only in the form on the landing page. Create a form that is easy to find and easy to complete.
2 There is no specific call to action
Call to action is a statement or a sign that attract potential customers to do something, for example to make a purchase or fill out the contact form. In fact, 48% of the landing page does not provide a specific call to action and tend to provide multiple offers to the visitors of this website and make potential customers become confused.
Solution: Make it simple and just give a quote. Create a call to action easy to find, dipaham and filled.
3 Too much text
Too much text in a landing page is very confusing. Prospective customers may not even be aware of what is being offered. If they do not understand, then they will leave the page.
Solution: Use the system to explain the bullet points. Use mold BOLD to attract attention. Give important highlights on offer goods / services.
4. Headline not strong
Headline or title of the landing page must be strong; should not be too common and boring. Headline should greet potential customers and explain the key points they need to know.
Solution: Make sure the headline is made in accordance with the content. Headline should be specific and explain the information required prospective customers, but should not be too long.
5. Loading landing page for too long
40% of internet users will leave a website that takes more than 3 minutes to open. 79% of prospective buyers will not make a purchase on the website's disappointing when they will open.
Solution: Remove non-essential! Avoid the use of writing and pictures are not necessary. Perform tests to open the page with different devices (PCs, mobile phones and tablet computers.
6. not perform tests on the landing page
Not a lot of people who do a test on a landing page, so there is no improvement so that the landing page is not functioning optimally.
Solution: Perform the test on some of the landing page that you create. Maintain that has good results. Perform the test using a style of language, artistic design, and different ideas, then check which one is bringing the benefits. Do not stop doing the test so that you get the formula most appropriate landing page for your potential customers.
7 The website has no credibility
68% of consumers trust reviews a candidate for the goods / services on either the good or the bad. Consumers do not like websites that promote goods / services to be too much.
Solution: Add a testimonial honest. Add the "Trust Badge". Do not give excessive information about the products / services you are, and make sure you display the terms and conditions relating to the products / services you offer in order to achieve and maintain the trust of your customers in the event of a complaint.


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