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Monday, September 26, 2011

Keeping Data Safe when surfing

Use common sense
Delete attachment dubious-particularly when he was sent from unknown sources. For example, do not download animation that arouse from the site that seems very unprofessional. And do not click on links in messages that seem strange or unusual, although he was sent by 'friends'.
Method commonly used by the attacker is disguised as friends and send messages with infected files with malware to other users.
Smart when you download

Internet Security Threat Report shows that the number of daily web-based attacks in 2010 reached 93 percent higher than in 2009. This confirms the importance of avoid downloading files that could not be sure you are safe, including freeware, screensavers, games and other executable program - any files with extension *. exe or *. com as 'coolgame.exe'.
If you need to download from the Internet, be sure to scan each program before running it. Save all downloads into one folder, then run a virus / malware on anything in that folder before using it.

Friday, September 2, 2011

Top 5 Internet Trends in the Emerging World

World of the Internet continues to grow. If I compare today's internet world with approximately 9 years ago when I began to recognize the Internet, its development was so rapid. At that time no blog, no facebook, twitter, and so forth. Faces in the form of web-only static pages. Mailing list is a container that is very popular.
Then in the next era, the Internet began stepping on the web 2.0 era where the role of elevated user. When originally only as a user who only see it, then can participate, come to give false advice, go to create content, and take part plays an important role in the civilization of the internet. It makes the world more flat. Facebook, Twitter and friendship websites or websites that become the driving motor.
The question whether the later development of the Internet stagnate?

9 Steps Choosing the Right Affiliate Program

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