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Sunday, April 7, 2013

How to create a website or blog famous in the Google Search Engine

A new blog or website that is released will be read and seen millions of people if your blog or website ranks in search engines on page 1 or 2, for example google search engine that is familiar and quite a reference. But how to achieve such a position?
Here are tips:

1. Before you buy a domain / blog, you should already have a plan on your blog, use the domain names that match the content of your blog / website. For example, you will create a web / blog with the computer as a theme, so you can choose the domain that has to do with computers.
The domain name does not have a short, easy to remember and clear. In my opinion, a good domain is a long, clear, concise, and easy to remember.

2. Use the title of your website / blog with interesting words and long. This paper used to be displayed by Google on Search Engine.

3. For the use of the website, use meta tags like meta keywords, meta description, meta writers with interesting content and make visitors want to know. Meta tags are placed between the header tags.

4. Use long words as the title of the article. And the title of the article should have a very good relationship or the same as your keywords from web site / blog. So the key words + article + titles can raise your page rank in Google. So large and important component of the search with Google from the meta keywords and descriptions of each post / article, the article title, web site title, alt image, image name, title text must be the same or make contact with keywords website content / Blog.

5. If you use an image, the image must provide a name that matches your keywords and also provide with attractive names. "Alt" on the picture can also help to get your page rank.

6. Try to always update the article with interest, and the actual article.

7. Do not underestimate the link exchange / trade links with other bloggers / websites. And how it will benefit your website / blog, if you link exchange with a website / blog that has a high page rank in Google. Because Google will frequently update the blog / websie so that visitors typing the same word with your keywords, chances are your website / blog will get ranked to the famous Google page with your website / blog.

8. Advertise or promote your link to the discussion forum or the comments in the shoutbox from other blogs (klicked or not, it does not matter). Or to promote the link, you can register or join or become members of trade-service-site link

9. If you have few assets, you can follow the program to advertise your web advertising. Such as: follow the Google Adwords advertising, Adbrite, Bidvertiser, Etology, Adjug, Adbux, Yahoo Publisher / YPN, and others.

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