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Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Write Articles and Be Trusted Expert in Your Field

I want to start with a question. Where do you go if your eyes are sick?You will definitely go to the doctor answered. Your answer is correct, but less precise. Your supposed to go to the ophthalmologist.Anyone will try to find the best for themselves and the people he loves. They would rather get something from the experts in the field. For example, if you will buy a computer, you will find a computer store. And not just ordinary computer store, but the computer store that is credible, reliable, which makes you recommend it to your friend.

Problem misguided SEO

Many are mistaken in thinking about SEO or search engine optimization. What is mistaken?Then I noticed there are a few. Among others, such as looking at SEO as something free. Words that SEO is free and then make a lot of people interested. When in fact SEO is not free!Surely there is a cost that you spend when running SEO. Minimal cost of an invisible but very valuable is your time. Because SEO is not enough to run in a day or two. But it must be done consistently, constantly, and need to focus.

Monday, October 10, 2011

How to Get Trust of Potential Buyers?

 Trust is vital in business. Sense of trust relating to the progress of your internet business. The higher consumer confidence, the fluttering of your Internet business. So how to get the trust of consumers?Consumers will believe if you really believe is trustworthy. Ability or skill you into consideration on one side. On the other hand they see the evidence. How much do you have to prove your expertise through tangible results.